VRAVO! is the first Online Virtual Reality Tele-Presentations Platform that connects speakers and audiences from all around the world, in immersive 3D environments, offering the opportunity to host and attend conferences and presentations globally without any major physical infrastructure, acting as a full professional grade Virtual Convention Center. VRAVO! was created by the company VRidge Incorporated.

VRAVO! delivers all the necessary tools to schedule, manage, stream and attend virtual reality presentations, as well as a unique utility to create stunning visual presentations based on standard flat slideshow content.

We support Live and On Demand presentations.

Among others, the most common applications for our platform are:
Education: Academic lessons, Master Classes and Training sessions.
Business: Keynotes, Product Launching, and Startup Pitches.
Arts & Entertainment: Artistic Presentations, Singers, Musicians and Actors.


by VRidge Incorporated
Irvine, California, United States

"The name vravo! stands for the mix of 2 words: bravo! because our presentations are so awesome that is hard not to say 'bravo!' when they end, and vr because we use Virtual Reality for attending to our virtual presentations"

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